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Uplifting handcrafted, detail-oriented woodworks and finishes that exceed the expectations of our customers, regardless of industry. Expanding operations and verticals in woodworking throughout the region while maintaining the highest standards of quality and unique individual craftsmanship. 


To re-ignite the love for true craftsmanship, everlasting quality, and the time-less beauty of genuine oriental woodworks by delivering extraordinary customized solutions with outstanding customer experiences in every piece. ALMASS Woodworks delivers durable, quality materials using the most innovative techniques to create wooden artistry that lasts you a lifetime. 


The ultimate fine quality carpentry atelier.

ALMASS Wood Manufacturing LLC specializes in interior joinery, woodworks and handcrafted carpentry. With 40 years of experience in the industry, ALMASS is one of the few remaining ateliers offering genuine, old-world craftsmanship. With on-site crafted solid wood furniture and world-class personalized customer experience, ALMASS is the unrivaled carpentry and woodworks experience in the region. 

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